Process Piping Design & Engineering as per ASME B 31.3 - Distance Learning

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02-Jan-2020 03 Months Hyderabad 02:00pm to 07:00pm Apply
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Process Piping Design & Engineering as per ASME B 31.3 – Distance Learning Program

About Training Program

This is a comprehensive program designed to present all major topics relative to the Process Piping Drafting, Detailed Engineering / Layout Engineering of Piping Systems, Mechanical Design, Hydraulic Design, Construction of Piping Systems and Stress Analysis of Process Piping Systems.

The program also covers Process Equipments, Plant Layout, and Mechanical & Hydraulic Design of Pipelines. It is one of the Unique Training Program which covers comprehensive Static Stress Analysis of Piping Systems. 


ü  Pace of Training is your choice

ü  In-depth course material for easy understanding

ü  6 Times contact with faculty (once in a week)

ü  Online examination with your choice of time

ü  Multiple attempts possible


Graduating College Students in the following disciplines

ü  Mechanical Engineers

ü  Chemical Engineers

ü  Petroleum Engineers

ü  Instrumentation Engineers

ü  Production / Industrial Engineers

ü  Diploma / ITI

Working Professionals

ü  Piping Design / Layout Engineers

ü  Piping 3D Cad Engineers

ü  Pipeline Engineers

ü  Offshore Platform Engineers

ü  Piping Draftsman

ü  Piping Construction Engineers

ü  Piping Fabrication Engineers

ü  Piping Supervisors

ü  Piping Stress Engineers

ü  Piping QA / QC Engineers

Corporate / Organizations

ü  EPC Companies

ü  Piping Equipment Manufacturing Companies

ü  Piping Consultants

ü  Piping Contractors

ü  Thermal Power Plants Industry

ü  Ship Building / Marine Industry

ü  Municipal Corporations


I) Piping Systems Detailed Engineering /Plant & Piping Layout Engineering / Piping Drafting.   

Piping Fundamentals 

ASME Codes & Standards 

Pipe Fittings 



Special Elements 

Mechanical/Process Equipments 

Flow Diagrams 

Piping Specifications 

Piping & Equipment Layout 

Piping Isometrics 

Piping Spools 

Pipe Supports

II) Piping & Pipeline Systems Design. 

Pressure Design of Process Piping Systems/ Pipelines/ Building Services Piping. 

Hydraulic Design of Liquid Piping Systems & Pipelines. 

III) Pipe Stress Analysis. 


Pipe Span Calculations 

Expansion Loops & Expansion Joints 

Layout Solutions for Weight, Thermal, & Wind Loads. 

Sustained Loads 

Occasional Loads 

IV) Construction

Piping Fabrication & Construction

Fabrication & Installation Requirements of ASME B 31.3

Inspection & Testing of Piping Systems

Inspection, Examination & Testing Requirements of ASME B 31.3