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Process Piping Design & Arrangement - Online Training Course

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20-May-2024 05 Days Online -----------------------

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Process Piping Design & Arrangement - Online Training Course


This course aims to transfer useful and essential knowledge related to design and layout of piping system which can help the participant broaden the existing knowledge he holds.

The program gives a comprehensive knowledge of piping fundamentals which includes the various piping components, their international standards, materials, drawings involved from start to end of a piping project, drawings terminology and the concept involved in their creation. The program focus on the real time work related concepts and issues, which is enhanced by the inputs of the instructor’s practical experience.

The Online Training Course is developed by the faculty of IPEBS, who are International Course Speakers and have more than 20 years work & training experience individually.


Upon the successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Perform various tasks in his piping works, which can be related to Layout & Design, installation, in a Design Office, EPC Companies, & Plant Owner Companies.

  • Create & Understand Piping Layouts and Isometrics.

  • Create MTO ( Material Take off)

  • Establish Pressure Ratings for Piping Components, Valves / Flanges.

  • Understand & Use ASME B 16 Component Standards.

  • Interpret Pipe Properties

  • Understand Equipment Vendor Drawings.

  • Create Equipment Layouts

  • Understand PFD’s & P& ID’s

  • Select Flange, Gaskets, Valves etc.


  • In-depth course content for easy understanding.

  • Blended Learning: Online contact with faculty.

  • Accessibility to Course Faculty & Counseling Services.

  • Job oriented training program.

  • Student will be job ready, after the course.

  • Student will acquire skills and knowledge similar to working professional


  • Piping Fundamentals 

  • Pipe Data 

  • Pipe Fittings 

  • Flanges

  • Valves

  • Pipe Materials 

  • Piping Component Standards

  • Piping Special Elements 

  • Mechanical Equipments 

  • Flow Diagrams 

  • Instruments 

  • Plot Plan, Equipment Layout 

  • Piping Layout 

  • Piping Isometrics 

  • Pipe Supports

  • Miscellaneous Topics