Online Workshops

Online Workshops


The Accelerated Training Workshop.


A 5 – 10 Days Version of our Highly Acclaimed Diploma Courses.


Can’t take 4-6 Weeks for training?.


The Workshops aim to accelerate the acquisition of knowledge and skills for professionals currently employed in the industry. It also provides transitional training for engineers who are employed in the industry or vocational training for those intending to transfer into the industry. Workshops, often referred to as accelerated, are developed by our division when training is needed to fill jobs in demand. Accelerated means “just in time” training for in demand jobs. The program offers an opportunity to participate in 5 – 10 days intensive instructor-led workshop & video trainings delivered through workshop style presentations.

Currently IPEBS offers specialized premium workshop style training programs for fresh/experienced engineers in the following engineering fields including

  • Mechanical Engineering Trainings
  • Electrical Engineering Trainings
  • Chemical/Petroleum/Process Engineering Trainings
  • Civil/Structural Engineering Trainings
  • Electronics & Data Communications Trainings
  • Instrumentation & Automation Control Trainings
  • Project Management Trainings

For online/ classroom corporate trainings please contact