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ASME B 31.1 - Power Piping Design, Construction & Integrity - Online Training Course

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08-Jul-2024 04 Days Online -----------------------

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ASME B 31.1 Power Piping Design, Construction & Integrity 


ASME B31.1 Code was written with power piping in mind. It was intended to cover the fuel gas and oil systems in the plant (downstream of the meters), central and district heating systems, in addition to the water and steam systems in power plants.

The applications considered in the preparation of ASME B31.1, include piping typically found in electric-generating stations, industrial and institutional plants, geothermal heating systems, and central and district heating and cooling systems.

This comprehensive 4 day course brings you updated information on current Power Piping Code requirements and provides insight into how these requirements have evolved. This course explores the background, rules and trends in piping design, analysis, and fabrication - vital elements of power, industrial and institutional plant construction and maintenance - within the context of meeting the requirements and intent of ASME B31.1 and its appendices.

The course will also cover materials selection and limitations, fabrication rules and their bases, welding qualification requirements, and inspection, examination, and testing requirements.

The participants will use the ASME Code equations and Data tables at the end of each session and work on sample problems including , design pressure and temperatures, component selection, pipe wall thickness calculation, flexibility calculations, material selection, pressure testing calculations, support span calculations , calculation of stresses, introducing flexibility in piping systems, expansion loop sizing, valve selection, P-T ratings, etc.

The Online Training Course is developed by the faculty of IPEBS, who are International Course Speakers and have more than 20 years work & training experience individually.


  • To understand Scope & Organization of the Code.

  • Understand basic & technical terms of Power Piping Code – ASME B 31.1

  • Understand Pressure design & Flexibility Analysis of Piping Systems.

  • Piping Layout and Simplified Analysis Techniques

  • Code Limitations of the use of Piping Components & Joints

  • Material Selection & Limitations

  • Design Requirements for Specific Piping Systems

  • Set Rules for correct Fabrication, Erection, Inspection & Testing Requirements.

  • How to conduct & certify Pressure Testing

Course Content:


Module – 1

  • History of Piping Codes

  • ASME B 31.1 – Scope

  • Organization of Code

  • Piping Failure Modes

  • Piping Design Conditions (design pressure & temp)

  • Pressure Design of Straight Pipe & Components

Module – 2

  • Providing Adequate Piping Flexibility

  • Cold Spring

  • Stress Intensification Factors

  • Pipe Support Design

  • Scope & Design Workshop 

Module – 3

  • Pipe Fluid Service Requirements

  • Limitation on Piping Components, Valves & Joints

  • Requirements for Specific Piping Systems

  • Requirements for Boiler External Piping (BEP)

  • Materials limitations & Selection – (B 31.1 Material Requirements)

  • Piping Fabrication & Examination

  • Code Requirements on Fitups prior to welding

  • Welding Requirements

Module – 4

  • NDT of Piping Systems & Acceptance Criteria

  • Welding Qualifications (Accepted Level of Discontinuities)

  • Hydrostatic & Pneumatic Testing Requirements

  • Inspection Examination & Testing

  • Non – Metallic Piping System Requirements

  • Materials , Fabrication & Examination Workshop