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ASME B 31.4 - Liquid Pipeline

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29-Jul-2024 03 Days Online -----------------------

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ASME B 31.4 Liquid Pipeline


This course provides the foundation for properly applying the pipeline code in the interest of public and employee safety.  Its goal is to familiarize pipeline operating personnel, public safety personnel, and state and federal regulators with the important safety-related aspects of ASME B31.4.

The Online Training Course is developed by the faculty of IPEBS, who are International Course Speakers and have more than 20 years work & training experience individually.


 - Describe the basic elements of pipeline design, Construction and maintenance

 - Explain how to apply principles of safe pipeline Design and operation


  • In-depth course content for easy understanding.

  • Blended Learning: Online contact with faculty.

  • Accessibility to Course Faculty & Counseling Services.

  • Job oriented training program.

  • Student will be job ready, after the course.

  • Student will acquire skills and knowledge similar to working professional.


  • Scope and definitions

  • Design

  • Material Selection

  • Construction Welding and Assembly

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Operations, Maintenance, and Corrosion Control

  • Offshore Liquid Pipeline Systems