Course Calender by Location

Ref. Code. Course Title Date Venue Actions
Piping Engineering
PPDEProcess Piping Design and Engineering per ASME B 31.3 01-May-2018 Hyderabad Apply
PPDDProcess Piping Design and Drafting 01-May-2018 Hyderabad Apply
PSAPipe Stress Analysis per ASME B 31.3 01-Jun-2018 Hyderabad Apply
PPDCProcess Piping Design and Construction as per ASME B 31.3 18-Jun-2018 Hyderabad Apply
HDDEHVAC Design, Drafting, Construction and Estimation per ASHRAE and SMACNA 01-Jun-2018 Hyderabad Apply
Electrical Engineering
EEBSElectrical Engineering for Building Services per BS & NEC 01-Jun-2018 Hyderabad Apply
Plumbing Engineering
PFFPlumbing and Fire Fighting Systems IPC and NFPA Design and Drafting 01-Jun-2018 Hyderabad Apply
Fire Protection Engineering
FPSFire Protection Engineering Systems Design per NFPA 01-Jun-2018 Hyderabad Apply